Security for the OSGi Platform.

SFelix Jarsigner supports the publication of signed bundles: signature and loading onto a public repository. It is meant to be used together with the SFelix OSGi Security Layer.

SFelix JarSigner is itself provided as OSGi bundles.

SFelix JarSigner is part of the SFelix Project that is developped by ARES Team, from INRIA Rhone Alpes, Citi Laboratory (Lyon).

It has been lauched in August 2006.

Current features of SF-JarSigner

The current features of SF-Jarsigner are the following:
  • Sign OSGi bundles,
  • Check the validity of the signature of bundles,
  • Manage the configuration of the bundle repositories,
  • Load signed bundles onto an OBR2 repository.